Our Story

“Sammy Hasbani is the owner of Sammy’s On Queens Street, and like most who make it to Broadway, Sammy’s journey is one of dedication, hard work and dreams. In 1995 Sammy began shaping the coiffes of men around Streetsville at Silvano’s Hair Salon,
on Main Street. Sammy is quick to give credit to Silvana saying,”He (Silvano) is my  mentor. He gave me my start and I have him to thank.”

By 1997 Sammy moved out of Silvano’s and established himself in the Village of Streetsville – for several years
renting a spot on Queen Street, just south of Britannia. It was at this location that Sammy and his staff dedicated themselves to their work, thus firming up a strong clientele base that would eventually follow them to Broadway.

Streetsville is well known for being a village where one can shop and dine, while being treated with unparalleled respect – the type of respect that is synonymous with a small business. It is this traditional approach to customer service that inspired Sammy not only to stay in Streetsville but also to invest in the Village.”

– Streetsville Village Times